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    Join us in standing up to Trump, corrupt White House officials and their Republican cronies in Congress. When these right-wing extremists break the law, we use every connection, resource, strategy and tactic to make sure that they are prosecuted by every single state and federal authority we can find. Words are not enough — we need action!

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About Us

The Resistance Committee Action Fund was formed by J. Whitfield Larrabee in 2017 to resist the right-wing extremism of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

We are dedicated to expanding democracy, protecting the environment, achieving economic justice, defending human rights, guaranteeing equality and promoting peace by defeating extreme right-wing politicians and replacing them with wise and compassionate progressives.

We resist Trump and the Republican Party with litigation, agitation, and communication. We resist the Republican Party because it is an extremist organization devoted to serving the needs of the one percent. We resist the Republican Party because it is a servant of coal, oil, and gas companies that are causing climate change and destroying the Earth. We resist the Republican Party because it is a racist and sexist organization that is dedicated to maintaining white male supremacy. We resist the Republican Party because it persecutes immigrants and promotes xenophobia.  We resist the Republican Party because we believe that health care is a right.  We resist the Republican Party because it puts the profits of gun-makers over the safety of the American people.  We resist the Republican Party because it has seized power though gerrymandering, voter suppression and the undemocratic electoral college.  We resist because Trump colluded with Russia to illegitimately gain his office.  We litigate, we agitate, we communicate and we never capitulate.

We are working to defeat Trump and the Republicans in 2020. We have filed a complaint against Trump with the International Criminal Court demanding that he be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Our complaint is based on Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and his policies promoting deadly fossil fuel emissions and climate change. We are leading a campaign of grassroots activists and leaders across the world to obtain charges against Trump and for issuance of an international warrant for his arrest. It is our goal to conclusively establish that Trump is an international criminal and is not a legitimate leader of the United States.

We are also working to help progressive Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives in 2018.  We are working to defeat Republican Dana Rohrabacher in 2018 in the 48th Congressional District in California and to replace him with a progressive Democrat. We are pursuing litigation against Rohrabacher before the Office of Congressional Ethics and the Federal Election Commission because of his corrupt acceptance of campaign contributions from Paul Manafort, and from other foreign agents for the pro-Putin Ukraine Party of Regions.  Representative Ed Royce, who we also targeted in this litigation, recently announced that he is retiring from Congress at the end of his term.  The corruption that we exposed was a factor in Royce’s decision to retire.  We will work to elect a progressive Democrat in that Congressional District in 2018.

Join Our Global Campaign to Investigate and Prosecute Trump and Pruitt for Crimes Against Humanity

We have asked the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) at the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute Trump and Pruitt for crimes against humanity. If a State Party to the Treaty establishing the Court refers the matter for investigation, the OTP is more likely to investigate and prosecute. You can join our campaign to obtain a referral from a State Party.