• Climate Crimes Action

    People all over the world, especially people in less developed countries, are being harmed by climate change. In Bangladesh, for example, millions of people are being driven from their land by sea level rise and river floods caused by climate change.

Prosecuting climate criminals like Trump and Pruitt can bring needed attention to the victims of climate change. Many of these victims are children.

Although we have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Trump and Pruitt asking for an investigation and prosecution of their climate crimes, it would be best if a government that is a State Party to the Rome Statute (the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court) referred the case to the Court. When this happens, it is more likely that the Office of the Prosecutor will investigate and prosecute the case.

We are asking people from countries that are State Parties to join together to ask their governments to make a referral to the ICC against Trump and Pruitt. Every country in South America, for example, is a State Party.

We have identified ten countries that are State Parties to the Rome Statute that we think might be willing to make such a referral. These countries either are being severely harmed by climate change, have a hostile relationship to the United States, or both. Ten countries that we believe might be willing make a referral regarding these crimes to the ICC are: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Maldives, Marshall Islands, the State of Palestine, Seychelles, Tunisia, Vanuatu, and Venezuela.

Sample Action Plan

Make a plan to contact your government. If you want to work with others, form a group. Identify the officials in the government who have the power to make a decision to make a referral. Either individually, or as a group, send a letter to your government asking the government to make a referral. Include a copy of our complaint with your letter. Follow up on your letter up with a telephone call and email to the official’s office. Share a copy of your letter and my complaint with the news media in your country. Take other reasonable steps. Don’t give up until you have exhausted every option.

If you would like to advocate for your government to make a referral, please join our campaign.

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Join Our Global Campaign to Investigate and Prosecute Trump and Pruitt for Crimes Against Humanity

We have asked the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) at the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute Trump and Pruitt for crimes against humanity. If a State Party to the Treaty establishing the Court refers the matter for investigation, the OTP is more likely to investigate and prosecute. You can join our campaign to obtain a referral from a State Party.