• Climate Crimes

    We recently filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court charging President Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt, the Administrator of the EPA, with crimes against humanity. We accused Trump and Pruitt of causing global environmental destruction by issuing orders, enacting policies, and advancing regulations that are resulting in enormous fossil fuel emissions. Hundreds of millions of people will be killed or displaced this century as a result of Trump’s energy policies, which are making climate change more severe by needlessly adding to greenhouse gas emissions.

    Scorched Earth, the effects of global warming

About the Campaign

The Resistance Committee Action Fund is leading a global campaign to prosecute and convict Donald Trump in the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

We have filed an historic complaint against Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt with the International Criminal Court demanding that they be prosecuted for crimes against humanity related to the situation of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Our complaint charges that Trump & Pruitt have committed the crimes of extermination, forcible displacement of population and other inhumane acts.

We made the complaint in order to to draw attention to the millions of victims of climate change and to prevent Trump and Pruitt from causing global environmental destruction with impunity.

We contend that Trump and Pruitt are committing crimes against humanity by issuing orders, enacting policies, and advancing regulations leading to unnecessary fossil fuel emissions and climate change that will cause hundreds of millions of people across the Earth to be killed or displaced by heat waves, drought, disease, hunger, and sea level rise.

As part of our campaign, we are working with people throughout the world to pressure their governments to refer Trump and Pruitt to the International Criminal Court to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.  A referral from a State Party to the Rome Statute, the treaty creating the Court, will provide the Court with additional jurisdictional grounds to prosecute Trump and Pruitt. We invite the public citizens to join in our campaign against these climate crimes.

Click here to read the complaint.

Join Our Global Campaign to Investigate and Prosecute Trump and Pruitt for Crimes Against Humanity

We have asked the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) at the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute Trump and Pruitt for crimes against humanity. If a State Party to the Treaty establishing the Court refers the matter for investigation, the OTP is more likely to investigate and prosecute. You can join our campaign to obtain a referral from a State Party.